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Our Famous Cash Referral Program

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to get paid for recommending a friend to use a service that you have experienced from a carpet company that you can trust and guarantee.

Well now you can!


Every friend, client, family member or person that you recommend to us that goes ahead with a carpet order that is supplied and fitted by our company will mean that you are financially rewarded.


Here's how it works.


Customer orders a carpet to be installed to the value of £1100.00.


We will pay you 5% CASH BACK on receipt of order or credit you 10% on your account which can then be taken off any future carpet purchase that you make.


In monetary terms this is what it would mean to you.


If you took the cash back we would send you a cheque or make a bank transfer to your account for £55.00.


If you decided to take 10% credit then £110.00 would be applied to your account for you to take that off your next carpet purchase.


With an incentive like this how many people could you recommend?


Here’s what you need to do:

You need to contact our company by telephone or email and quote ‘Cash Referral Scheme’. You need to give us the name and contact number of the person that you are recommending. We would also need to know whether you would prefer 5% CASH BACK or 10% on your account

Please note the 5% Cash Back or 10% Credit on account is only applied to the total cost of materials and not the fitting charge.

This offer only applies to carpet orders.




Any monies on account are valid for 12 months from the date of issued credit note.



To find out more call now on 020 8953 7007 or register below.

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