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Carpet Buying Guide

There is nothing better than transforming your home and getting the feel good factor when you have a new carpet or flooring installation carried out.


A new floor makes any room feel amazing and the whole change is very uplifting.

With the colour, texture and warmth a new carpet makes your home feel very homely.

When choosing a new carpet you will have to take into consideration the following as certain carpets are only suitable for certain areas. There are three types of carpets to choose from.

Natural -Wool Carpets:

These are 100% wool products which are soft and luxurious. Wool is an excellent natural fibre giving you warmth and comfort.

Synthetic - Man Made Carpets:

Today the two types of manmade carpets are made of nylon and polypropylenes. Nylon is the most popular in construction but polypropylene is the most stain resistant.

Blended - Wool Mix Carpets:

Blended carpets are made up of a mixture of wool and manmade fibres. Their construction is often made up of 80% wool 20% manmade fibre of 50% wool 50% manmade fibres. Blended wool mix carpets offer the best of both worlds. You get the soft texture of wool along with this durability and stain resistance of a manmade carpet.

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