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Carpet Protection

No matter how careful we are everyone at one time or another is prone to having an accident spilling a drink on their new carpet. Whether it is wine, coffee, tea or fruit juice these liquids will all seep into a carpet. If you do not get to the spillage straight away these type of drinks can dye the carpet fibre.

We can help prevent this by applying Guardsman Carpet Protector at our carpet warehouse prior to having the carpet installed. This carpet protection can protect your new carpet from any spillages.

The carpet protector creates an invisible shield on your carpet causing any spills to bead up on the surface of the carpet pile. As with any spillage you have to blot it up straight away to avoid it turning into a stain.

The quicker the spill is blotted up better the chances that it can be completely removed preventing it from turning into a permanent stain.

Guardsman Carpet Protector also works equally well against everyday surface dirt allowing for easier vacuuming in and prolonging the life of the carpet.

Benefits of Guardsman Carpet Protection:

Forms an invisible shield around each fibre

Helps to protect against acid based stains

Spillages lay in a bead on the surface

Makes blotting up easier

Helps carpets last longer

Carpets stay cleaner longer

Easier vacuuming enabling surface dirt to be removed more easily.

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